Ice Cream + Cocktails To Go?

There once was a neighborhood cocktail bar just off of Broadway in Providence. People would go there on first dates or second dates or fifth anniversaries or to watch live Jazz on Sunday night or to chop it up with friends after work on a Thursday or even to read a book by candlelight alone over a Negroni. And then the world shut down and everybody stayed home and after a couple months we all had to figure out how to re-emerge in ways that were genuine to ourselves, but recalibrated for the new realities of a world that just last year would have seemed more like science fiction. And so, Courtland Club has reopened for summer 2020 serving ice cream and cocktails to go. We’re thrilled to see faces familiar and new, to share some flavors we’re known for and some others we’re putting out there for the first time, to reformat our eye on presentation for takeout, to be back to work, getting creative, looking out for each other and cracking jokes. We’re also very much looking forward to welcoming you all back inside for the intimate Courtland Club experience of old, when it’s safe to do so.

Is This The Right Place?

Sure is. A first visit to Courtland Club sometimes starts with a bit of mystique. With no signage in sight and a keypad on the front door, Guests wonder what’s on the other side of the entrance and how to get inside in the first place. Just turn the knob and you’ll find us inside ready to welcome you with a comfortable seat, a steamed towel, a refreshing drink and tasty snacks. Nothing makes us happier than seeing faces light up as they discover and enjoy Courtland Club for the first time.

What Used To Be Here?

The first clue that this place has a rich history might be the twin baking ovens built in to the back wall. In the 1920s and 30s, 51 Courtland Street housed bakeries included Rhode Island’s famed pizza strip maker Crugnale – still in business to this day – as well as others like Public Service Bakery and Parisi Bakery. Around the end of World War II, as soldiers were coming home and looking for places to gather and socialize, the building became home to social clubs, including the Santa Maria Incoronata di Puglia, the San Bernardo Society and even briefly one called The Old Man Club. When we acquired the property we knew that the next thing happening here would nod to the building’s history as a joyful gathering place while also looking to the future with an eye on quality and inclusion.

Are you Members-only?

No. Not at all. We’re open to the public. Courtland Club is for fun-loving, open-minded appreciators of quality and nuance, of all genders, races, ethnicities, religions and personal identities. Why have Memberships at all then? For a couple reasons. One is to honor the history of our building and the region. The other is to offer an opportunity for our regulars to be more involved and invested in Courtland Club. More info on Membership here.